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Blood & Marrow February 2018 Vol 2.2

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Blood & Marrow January 2018 Vol 2.1

  • Revision Series – Hodgkin Lymphoma (Part-I) by Dr Saima Humayun Toor
  • News Buzz – Mr. FIX IT – Jess Bezos & the Amazonication of America
  • Journal Scan – Tranexamic Acid: is it about time? & No Symptoms, but Raised Platelets
  • Survivor Series – Contributed by Dr. Imtenan Sharif
  • Quick Updates – Mantle Cell Lymphoma & Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Hello! I hope you must be all geared H up for upcoming annual conference of Pakistan Society of Haematology… HAEMCON2018. We have chalked out a very exciting and stimulating program for you. There will be workshops, invited talks by leading national and international experts, scientific exhibition and colourful Gala dinner. As usual, PSH will also be giving away prizes for best papers from haematology trainees. Weather in Rawalpindi is excellent and with spring setting in, it is going to be cool but not very cold. We will be anxiously waiting to see you at Pearl Continental st th Hotel Rawalpindi from 1 March to 4 March.