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Blood & Marrow January 2018 Vol 2.1

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Blood & Marrow January 2018 Vol 2.1

  • Revision Series – Acute Myeloid Leaukemia Part-III By Dr. Saima Humayun Toor
  • Survivor Series – A success story of a thalassemia major post-transplant case By Dr. Imtenan Sharif
  • Farewell – Capt Munazzam Bibi, Capt Khalida Bibi
  • Journal Scan – Chronic GVHD: progress in salvage treatment?
  • Journal Scan – Evolution, trends, outcomes, and economics of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in severe autoimmune diseases

The progress made by AFBMTC in the past T year have been phenomenal. We were accepted as National Institute of Blood & Marrow Transplant. A new and modern hospital building with a fully equipped stem cell lab started to function. And there was considerable increase in training activities at all levels. We have striven to improve ourselves & provide excellence in our service to the patients. The goals we have set for ourselves require continued vision, dedication & hard work of the whole team. New Year is a time to reset our ideals & resolutions, and an opportunity to learn and grow to achieve our aspirations. Let us welcome 2018 as a new chapter in our unfolding story, another chance for us to get it right! In the words of Albert Einstein, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow” Happy New Year, Everyone…. May all your hopes & dreams come true, Amen!