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Blood & Marrow July 2018 Vol 2.7

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Blood & Marrow July 2018 Vol 2.7

  • Tutorial – Von Willebrand Disease (Part-I)
  • AFBMTC News – Promotions & Postings
  • Feature – Stem-cell Culture Moves to The Third Dimension by C. Y. Tachibana
  • Perspective – Legit Stem Cell Therapies Advance as Bogus Clinics Proliferates
  • Nurse’s Nook – Portacath
  • Facts & Figure – Sticker Shock

Stem cell therapy is now becoming a S booming industry. Quick fixes and cure for incurable are attracting many patients who have been led to believe in the magic therapy. For patients suffering from disabling and crippling conditions such as spinal injury, multiple sclerosis, macular degeneration, heart failure, renal failure, arthritis, and even cancer, stem cell research undoubtedly brings hope. Keeping the balance between hope and hype is difficult, particularly when there are susceptible and suffering people relying on the hope medical research offers. Unfortunately, this vulnerability is being cashed by many qualified and unqualified medical practitioners all over the world. In this issue we have included two articles highlighting the good and the bad sides of stem cell research.