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Blood & Marrow May 2018 Vol 2.5

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Blood & Marrow May 2018 Vol 2.5

  • Tutorial – Rare Inherited Coagulation Disorders by Dr Muhammad Arshad
  • Excursion – Hiking Trip to Margalla Hills
  • B&M News – Visit of Renowned Haematologists / Farewell
  • Perspective – Choosing Wisely®
  • Pocket Guide – Red Blood Cell Transfusion

Last couple of months have been L quite busy. After success of HAEMCON2018, we had the rd th honour of hosting 3 PSPOCON from 20 nd to 22 April. We will be covering the conference in the next issue. Our popular ‘Revision Series’ will now continue as ‘Tutorial’ as these articles are exclusively contributed by our post graduate students. From January this year we have increased the number of pages of B&M from 8 to 12. However, there is so much happening that it is difficult to decide what to print. Still we have been trying to include all the interesting and useful stuff that we can squeeze into these 12 pages.