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Blood & Marrow November 2018 Vol 2.11

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Blood & Marrow November 2019 Vol 2.11

  • Tutorial – Antithrombotic Agents (Part-III)
  • B&M News – Honor for AFBMTC
  • B&M News – Research & Training
  • Journal Scan
  • Nurse’s Nook – Hand Hygiene
  • Grand Round – Therapeutic Approach to Young Patients with Low-Risk Essential Therombocythemia

Next month B&M will be completing 2 N years of uninterrupted publication. We would like to invite all our readers to contribute to the annual issue of December 2018. You can send anything related to haematology or bone marrow transplant… …life of a haematologist is anything but dull. There are always mysterious bleeding disorders, suspicious looking cells and unknown mutations. There are patients whose blood would not cross match and patients who would not stop haemolyzing. Then you have immunocompromised patients in highly compromised situations. The challenges of haematology are many… …surely you can find something interesting to share with others. Please send your contributions by 25 November 2018.