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Blood & Marrow September 2018 Vol 2.9

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Blood & Marrow August 2019 Vol 2.9

  • Tutorial – Antithrombotic Agents (Part-I)
  • Visit – Professor Dr Colonel M Port
  • Nurse’s Nook – The Role of Nurses in CAR
  • Journal Scan
  • B&M News – Independence Day Celebrations | 9th Symposium on Red Cell Disorders | Farewell | Dinner AMC Offcers
  • Facts & Figures – Early Bird Special

Clinicians today are going through a C transition from memory-based skills to technology augmented skills. In Pakistan many hospitals are moving towards information technology as a means of improving patient care. Electronic medical records are becoming more broadly used. Hospital Management & Information systems have been largely transactional, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems go beyond traditional medical transactions to analyse data, make decisions & exercise judgment. The use of AI technologies promises to reduce cognitive workload for physicians, thus improving care, diagnostic accuracy, clinical and operational efficiency. However, despite enormous hype surrounding AIbased clinical decision support and predictive models, there are no prospective, peerreviewed data published for any of them. Therefore, a word of caution is order as we move towards AI to eliminate human fallibility.