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Blood & Marrow February 2019 Vol 3.2

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Blood & Marrow February 2019 Vol 3.2

In this issue:

  • Tutorial
  • Patients’ Page
  • B&M Blog
  • Journal Scan
  • AFBMTC News
  • Nurses’ Nook
  • Survivor Series

Empathy is a difficult word to understand and even more difficult to practice. To feel the pain and
misery of the patients suffering from potentially
life-threatening diseases is simply not possible for any
doctor. Still every day we are faced with patients who
come to us with hopes, fears and expectations. All of us
do feel for our patients and many would go out of the
way to help them, yet we seldom get the chance to be
privy to what goes on inside their minds and hearts. In
this issue we are introducing Patients’ Page where we
would be sharing the experiences from the other side…
living on the edge defines the life of many of our patients.
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