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Blood & Marrow March 2019 Vol 3.3

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Blood & Marrow March 2019 Vol 3.3

In this issue:

  • Tutorial
  • Haem-Onc Meeting
  • Quick Takes
  • Data Interpretation
  • Journal Scan
  • AFBMTC News
  • Nurses’ Nook

The word ‘doctor’ is derived from Latin which means ‘to teach’. Teaching the colleagues and students, whether formally or informally, has always been an integral part of the medicine. Now a days Continuing Medical Education (CME) is a requirement for all doctors.

Despite lot of emphasis on CME, the scientific learning lags behind the desired level. This is partly due to our ‘inherent resistance’ towards establishing evidence-based practices. Other factor hindering learning process is our inability to inculcate the habit of reading and writing. There is a very small number of local scientific journals that are being published and out of these indexed medical journals are a rarity. Very few papers are being written and even fewer are read!

From this month we are introducing ‘Haem-onc Meeting’ in which interesting cases from our weekly Haem-onc meeting will be presented. We hope that the readers, especially the trainees, would find it interesting. We would be happy to receive contributions from readers for Haemonc Meeting. Till next time. Its,