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Blood & Marrow May 2019 Vol 3.5

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Blood & Marrow May 2019 Vol 3.5

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According to Alicia Ault, a freelance writer, “the
experts are of the opinion that physicians often
feel compassion and warmth toward patients but
don’t realize that they’re not always expressing it in a way
that comes through; a few well-placed words and actions
from a physician can make a huge difference in how a
patient responds, both physically and emotionally”.
She further writes that, “a growing body of evidence
suggests that offering kindness, empathy, or words of
encouragement leads to better patient engagement, a
more trusting relationship, better health outcomes, and a
less stressful practice for clinicians”.
What was interesting for me was that empathy and
compassion towards the patients not only improves the
patient outcome but has a profound effect on the
physicians leading to reduced stress and burnout.

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