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Mission Statement

We at Armed Forces Bone Marrow Transplant Centre (AFBMTC), Rawalpindi strive to provide best possible healthcare to our patients. We endeavor to reach highest level of skills and professionalism required for patient’s satisfaction as well as service excellence. The Institute is committed to comply with all the requirements of quality, environment, health & safety and all applicable standards on the scope of AFBMTC. All departments of this Centre undertake the responsibility to understand and implement these standards.


Continued healthcare improvement is attained through regular process of up-gradation and training undertaken in the light of patients and their family’s needs and expectation. The periodic review of the system is the part of our Quality Management System.

Organizational Objectives

  • To treat patients with respect, compassion and dignity.
  • To provide efficient and timely medical care to all patients with a human touch. To achieve maximum efficiency with optimum utilization of resources.
  • To continuously monitor and deliver a high level of hospital services.
  • To build an effective feedback system with focus on continuous improvement of healthcare system and its quality.
  • To provide continuous and regular training to employees.
  • Controlling significant environmental aspects.
  • Complying with requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management Systems.