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Success Story – Mrs. Saifullah

Age 37 Years, Pancytopenia

Mrs. Saifullah

Contributed By: Dr. Imtenan Sharif

Mrs. Saifullah, a 37-year-old school teacher, resident of Mianwali, was referred in Jan 2011 to AFBMTC with pancytopenia. Bone marrow examination was consistent with aplastic anemia. She underwent hematopoietic stem cell transplant from HLA matched brother on 4th Feb, 2011. Pre-transplant work up revealed normal cytogenetics and no comorbidities. Conditioning was done with Flu120Cy120ATG14. Stem cell source was bone marrow harvest. The patient had an uneventful posttransplant period. There was minimal GvHD and no major infections. Immunosuppressive medications were tapered off after one year and then stopped. STRs for donor chimerism remained more than 90% donor and lymphocyte subset analysis showed good immune reconstitution. She is now 6 years post-transplant and enjoys good quality of life with her family. She re-joined her job as a school teacher last year in Mar 2016.